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Welcome to Advocare Schnall Pediatric Ophthalmology

Advocare Schnall Pediatric Ophthalmology provides comprehensive eye care for children, with an office designed with children in mind and a staff focused on their needs. Eye examinations and treatment recommendations for infants and children differ from those for adults because the diseases themselves are different. Many pediatricians and eye doctors refer their pediatric patients to our practice for examination and management of their eye problems

We specialize in all aspects of pediatric eye care, from managing complex medical and surgical problems to prescribing glasses. We treat medically and surgically - when appropriate - misalignment of eyes (strabismus) , lazy eye (amblyopia), nystagmus, blocked tear ducts, eye infections, eye lid disorders, and congenital eye disease . We screen for and treat eye conditions that may be associated with systemic diseases such as juvenile idiopathic arthritis, diabetes, prematurity, and genetic disorders. Pediatric ophthalmologists also treat eye misalignment and double vision in adults. Strabismus in adults may be treated with prisms, glasses, or surgery.

Dr. Schnall is on staff at Virtua Hospital, Cooper Medical Center, and Wills Eye Hospital. He utilizes Wills Eye Hospital for special testing, surgery, or consultation with other specialized ophthalmologists when needed.


A team of 20 HTCNJ volunteers, led by Dr. Bruce Schnall and Ms. Diane Calesnick, recently spent one week in mid-February in Trujillo, Peru, providing ophthalmology surgery for children at the Instituto Regional de Oftalmologic.

Dr. Bruce Schnall was presented with The Sue Tiger Award, conferred upon someone who has shown outstanding volunteer support for Healing The Children New Jersey (HTCNJ) and its Medical Teams Abroad program.

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